This Day in History: 1937-08-27

Walter Rothschild (1868 – 1937) died on this day. He was a British zoologist and a member of the Rothschild banking family. After studying zoology at Cambridge he left the family business and established a zoological museum. Rothschild travelled and collected in Europe and North Africa and employed others to collect for him elsewhere; his collection included 300,000 bird skins, 200,000 birds’ eggs, 2,250,000 butterflies, and 30,000 beetles, as well as thousands of specimens of mammals, reptiles, and fishes, forming the largest zoological collection ever amassed by a private individual.

Rothschild had wide zoological interests but did describe around 10 aquatic species and is honoured in the names of a number of species under rothschildi but possibly not aquatic ones.