This Day in History: 1876-08-20

Marie Lebour (1876 – 1971) was born on this day. She was a British marine biologist known for her work on the larval stages of decapods. Lebour was a demonstrator (1906 – 1909) then assistant lecturer (1909 – 1915) in the University of Leeds Department of Zoology. Her research career took place at the Marine Biological Association Laboratory, Plymouth, she joined the research staff in 1915 remaining until her retirement in 1946. Aside from her work on larval decapods she also studied other planktonic organisms such as trematodes, the life histories of molluscs, and various other species of microplankton.

Lebour described numerous taxa and is honoured in the name of the trematode genus Neolebouria and in the names of a number of species under lebourae, lebouri, lebouriae, and marielebouriae.