This Day in History: 1841-08-18

Louis de Freycinet (1779 – 1841) died on this day. He was a French navigator involved in two important voyages of discovery. Freycinet was a participant in the Baudin expedition (1800 – 1803), initially consisting of the ships Le Géographe and Le Naturaliste, to map the coast of New Holland (now Australia), he was appointed Lieutenant and given command of an additional ship purchased by Baudin, the Casuarina. More than 2500 new species were discovered during the expedition; Freycinet published the narrative of the voyage Voyage de découvertes aux terres australes (1807 – 1816) and became the first to publish a map of the Australian coastline (1811). In 1817 he commanded the Uranie on a global circumnavigation making observations in many fields in addition to the collection of natural history specimens, the results were published under Freycinet’s supervision as Voyage autour du monde fait par ordre du Roi sur les corvettes de S. M. l’Uranie et la Physicienne, pendant les années 1817, 1818, 1819 et 1820.

Freycinet is honoured in the names of a number of species under freycineti.