This Day in History: 1925-08-11

James Douglas Ogilby (1853 – 1925) died on this day. He was an Irish born Australian ichthyologist, his research, was described by David Starr Jordan as “… of a very high order”. From 1874-76 he contributed notes on Irish fishes and birds to the Zoologist (London). He worked for the British Museum and spent some time in the United States of America. In 1884 Ogilby was appointed a scientific assistant (zoology) to the Australian Museum, Sydney, first Curator of Fishes (1888 – 1890). His publications include Catalogue of Fishes and Other Exhibits at the Royal Aquarium, Bondi (1887), and Edible Fishes and Crustaceans of New South Wales (1893). Ichthyologist at the Queensland Museum, Brisbane (c. 1903) where he published a series of papers on the edible fishes of Queensland in the Memoirs of the Queensland Museum (1913-16).

Ogilby described around 460 taxa and is honoured in the names of three genera of fishes and in the names of a number of species under ogilbyi.