This Day in History: 1969-08-03

Libbie Hyman (1888 – 1969) died on this day. She was a US zoologist regarded as one of the 20th century’s most notable invertebrate biologists owing to her best known work, The Invertebrates (1940 – 1967), 6 vols. Her major interest was in the turbellarians. Published two earlier successful works, A Laboratory Manual for Elementary Zoology (1919) and A Laboratory Manual for Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy (1922) before leaving the University of Chicago in 1931 to begin writing her treatise on the invertebrates. From 1936 she had a position as an unpaid research associate at the American Museum of Natural History, which enabled her to use the Museum library while preparing The Invertebrates.

Hyman described numerous taxa and appears to be honoured in the name of the planarian genus, Hymanella, and in the names of a number of species under hymanae.