This Day in History: 1957-08-02

David G. Stead (1877 – 1957) died on this day.
He was an Australian marine biologist who served in a number of government posts and was involved with the fisheries industry in Australia and in Malaya over many years. Stead was an early advocate of conservation he helped found the Wild Life Preservation Society of Australia (1909). As an ichthyologist he made extensive collections of Australian and Malayan fishes, now preserved in the Australian Museum. Stead was a prolific writer, publications include Fishes of Australia (1906), Giants and Pigmies of the Deep: a Story of Australian Sea Denizens (1933), and Sharks and Rays of Australian Seas (1963). A great believer in educating people he also served as editor of The Australian Naturalist and The Australian Geographer seeing these publications as a means of advancing appreciation of natural things and the need for conservation.