This Day in History: 1809-07-31

Alphone Guichenot (1809 – 1876) was born on this day.
He was a French zoologist, specialising in ichthyology and herpetology, working for the Muséum national d’histoire naturelle (Paris). Guichenot participated in a number of specimen collecting trips on behalf of the Muséum including an extensive biological survey of Algeria. His father, Antoine Guichenot, had been a gardeners’s boy at the Muséum who took part in the Baudin expedition to Australia (1800 – 1803) and later accompanied Freycinet on the Uranie and Physicienne circumnavigation (1817 – 18).

Guichenot described close to 200 taxa and is honoured in the names of a number of species under guichenoti.