This Day in History: 1724-06-30

Johann Julius Walbaum (1724 – 1799) was born on this day.
He was a German physician and naturalist, owner of a cabinet of natural objects which formed the basis of the Naturhistorische Museum in Lübeck. Walbaum’s major contribution to ichthyology, was the Petri Artedi renovati, a work conceived to present all genera and species of fishes known to date, arranged according to Artedi’s classification and accompanied by an updated bibliographic reference (Walbaum 1788-1793). In the
3rd part of his book (Genera Piscium) Walbaum (1792) named more than 200 new species of fishes.

Unusually, for a notable early ichthyologist, there appear to be no species named in honour of Walbaum.