This Day in History: 1924-06-28

Conrad Limbaugh (1924 – 1960) was born on this day.
He was a US marine biologist and diver. With access to one of the first aqualungs in the US (UCLA 1949) Limbaugh was a pioneer of scientific diving. He was one of the earliest proponents to combine scuba diving with scientific research, along with underwater photography, directly observing and recording the behaviour of fishes and invertebrates, tagging fishes, and collecting specimens. Limbaugh transferred to Scripps Institution of
Oceanography in 1950, where he studied under Dr. Carl Hubbs becoming the first official diving officer at Scripps (1953). His most significant contribution to biology was his work on cleaning symbiosis, being one of the first to observe and recognise the phenomenon, and publishing (posthumously) Cleaning Symbiosis (Scientific American 1961), and Shrimps That Clean Fishes (1961).

Limbaugh is honoured in the names of a number of species under limbaughi, and (with his wife, also diver and photographer) limbaughorum.