This Day in History: 1863-06-26

Jean Paul Louis Pelseneer (1863 – 1945) was born on this day.
He was a Belgian chemistry teacher and keen amateur malacologist, although he never taught at university level he was recognised both in Belgium and abroad as one of the most eminent zoologists of his time. Pelseneer joined the Belgian Malacological Societ at the age of 17 (1880), studied under French zoologist Giardat at the marine laboratory in Wimereux (Université Lille Nord de France), and under English invertebrate zoologist Ray Lankester at University College London. He was given drawing lessons by the Belgian painter and sculptor Constantin Meunier in order to illustrate his scientific papers himself. Pelseneer received an honorary doctorate from the University of Brussels in recognition of his outstanding work on molluscs (1934).

Pelseneer described numerous mollusc taxa and is honoured in the name of a gastropod genus, Pelseneeria, and in the names of a number of species under pelsenneri.