This Day in History: 1867-06-06

John MacGillivray (1821 – 1867) died on this day.
He was a Scottish naturalist and collector, mainly active in Australia. MacGillivray participated in three Royal Navy surveying voyages in the Pacific, he sailed as naturalist on board HMS Fly (1842-46), as botanist on HMS Rattlesnake (1846-1850), and as naturalist on HMS Herald (1852-54). His publications include Notes on Australia, natural history (1846) and the 2 vols. Narrative of the voyage of HMS Rattlesnake (1852).

MacGillivray is honoured in the (no longer valid) name of a mollusc genus, the number of species he may have described is unclear as his father, William, and his brother, Paul, were both active naturalists up until 1852.