This Day in History: 1799-05-26

Felipe Poey (1799 – 1891) was born on this day.
He was a Cuban naturalist, interested in lepidoptery and ichthyology. During his time in Paris (1825-33) Poey contributed to the Cuvier, Valenciennes, Histoire naturelle des poissons through illustrations and specimens he’d brought from Cuba. Founded the Cuban Museum of Natural History (1839). Professor of comparative anatomy and zoology at the University of Havana (1842).
His publications include Memorias sobre la historia natural de la isla de Cuba (1851-60), Enumeratio piscium Cubensium (1875-76), and his magnum opus: Ictiología Cubana, a compendium of all the fish in Cuban waters (758 species), not formally published until 2000.

Poey is honoured in the names of a number of species under poeyi and poeyana.