This Day in History: 1803-05-24

Charles Lucien Bonaparte (1803 – 1857) was born on this day.
He was a French zoologist, working in ichthyology and ornithology, nephew of Emperor Napoleon. Director of the Jardin des Plantes (1854).
Although much of his work involved ornithology, his publications concerning ichthyology include Catalogo metodico dei pesci Europei (1846), and Conspectus systematis ornithologiae, mastozoologiae, reptologiae et amphibologiae, ichthyologiae (1850). Bonaparte questioned the systematic position of a number of vertebrate groups and suggested revisions in the placement of all five vertebrate classes taking into account zoogeographic data, many of which were adopted.

Bonaparte described around 230 aquatic taxa and is honoured in the name of a genus of fishes, Bonapartia, and in the names of a number of species under bonaparte, and bonaparti(i).