This Day in History: 1782-05-13

Daniel Solander (1733 – 1782) died on this day.
He was a Swedish naturalist, considered an apostle of Carl Linnaeus. Solander traveled to England to promote the new Linnean system of classification (1760), began cataloguing the natural history collections of the British Museum (1763). A participant in Cook’s first voyage of discovery (1768-71) being one of the additional members of the scientific crew brought along by Banks. He was Keeper of the Natural History Department of the British Museum (1773-82) and associated with the natural history collection of Margaret Bentinck.

Solander described many taxa (published posthumously) in The Natural History of Many Curious and Uncommon Zoophytes, Collected by the late John Ellis (1786) and is honoured in the names of a family and genus and in the names of a number of species under solanderi(i), solanderia, and solandri.