This Day in History: 1804-05-07

Auguste Adolphe Marc Reynaud (1804 – 1887) was born on this day.
He was a French naval surgeon and naturalist, aboard the Corvette, La Chevrette. During ‘Fabré’s voyage to India’ (1827-28), a geographical survey to India, including Réunion, Pondicherry, Calcutta, Rangoon, Ceylon, and Batavia, Reynaud, with the help of other officers, collected 40 cases of natural history specimens. These included 238 species of fish, 271 of mollusks, 132 of crustacea, and 500 drawings of plants, fishes, and mollusks and earned Reynaud the Legion of Honor for his efforts.

Reynaud described seven species and is honoured in the names of 24 species under reynaudi(i).