This Day in History: 1916-04-23

Robert Rush Miller (1916 – 2003) was born on this day.
He was a US ichthyologist specialising in freshwater fishes, a protegé of and collaborator with Carl Hubbs (also his son in law); after a brief period at the Smithsonian Institution (1944-48) associated with the Department of Zoology and Museum of Zoology at the University of Michigan until his retirement in 1987. Miller’s early field experiences in California led him to an interest in the desert pupfish, a lifelong theme in his research. Miller’s more than 250 publications, including Freshwater Fishes of Mexico (2004) covered a wide range of subjects including studies on zoogeography, life histories, paleogeography and paleoclimatology, variation, hybrid forms, etc., with a geographical emphasis on Mexican and Great Basin forms.

Miller is honoured in the name of a genus Millerichthys
and in the names of a number of species under milleri and bobmilleri.