This Day in History: 1823-04-09

Andrew Garrett (1823 – 1887) was born on this day.
He was a US naturalist and artist specialising in fishes and molluscs. During the 1840s Garrett travelled around the Pacific working on whalers and started to collect natural history objects, settling in Hawaii in 1852. He was a prolific collector of fishes sending specimens to Louis Agassiz at Harvard (who helped refine his collection methods and documentation) and later to the Museum Godeffroy in Hamburg. Garrett is best known for his book Fische der Sundsee (1873-1910) a 3 volume publication covering 470 species edited by Johann Godeffroy and Albert Gunther, a compilation of the descriptions and illustrations of the fishes that he’d collected over the preceeding years, a work that remained the authority on the fishes of the Pacific Ocean for more than 40 years.

Garrett described 77 species and is honoured in the names of species under garretti(i).