This Day in History: 1902-03-24

Grace E. Pickford (1902 – 1986) was born on this day.
She was an English born US biologist and endocrinologist associated with Yale’s Bingham Oceanographic Laboratory from 1931 for 40 years. Pickford studied cephalopods, publishing more than 20 papers between 1936 & 1974, and became recognized as the world’s authority on the taxonomy and anatomy of octopods, this work led to her discovery that the deep-sea cephalopod, Vampyroteuthis, occupies a unique position between squids and octopuses, leading to an invitation to join the 1951 Danish Galathea Expedition to study living specimens of the species. Later work involved the hematology and endocrinology of fishes. She was the author or coauthor of 135 publications, of which 78 were concerned with fish.

Pickford is honoured in the names of a family and genus of cephlapods and in the names of a couple of species under pickfordae.