This Day in History: 1863-03-09

Carl H. Eigenmann (1863 – 1927) was born on this day. A German born US ichthyologist who studied under Jordan at Indiana, later dean of Indiana’s graduate school (1908). He was married to fellow ichthyologist Rosa Smith Eigenmann (1848 – 1947) with whom he published many collaborative works. Know for his work on the cave-dwelling blind fishes and salamanders of the caves of North America and for research into the neotropical freshwater fishes of South America, including the 1908 Carnegie British Guiana Expedition that resulted in the collection of 25,000 specimens and the description of 28 new genera and 128 new species.

Eigenmann described around 300 taxa, 89 jointly with his wife Rosa, and is honoured in the name of a genus of knifefishes and in the names of a number of species under eigenmanni, eigenmannia, or eigenmanniorum.