This Day in History: 1761-02-28

Pierre Marie Auguste Broussonet (1761 – 1807) was born on this day. He was a French naturalist, founding member of the Linnaean Society of Paris, later Directeur du Jardin des Plantes de Montpellier. An admirer of Linnaeus‘s work Broussonet set out to emulate him with a work on fishes implementing the Linnean system of nomenclature and description, his planned Ichthyologiae Decas I, largely based on specimens collected during Cook’s first voyage, aimed to contain descriptions of all the fish known in his day or 1,200 species; although the first ten sections were published as Ichthyologia sistens piscium descriptiones et icones (1782) the work was uncompleted.

Broussonet described 13 species and is honoured in the names of 2 species under broussonnetii.