This Day in History: 1834-02-16

Ernst Haeckel was born on this day. He was a German zoologist, philosopher, and artist; a prolific author whose works including monographs on Radiolaria (1862), Siphonophora (1869), Monera (1870), and Calcareous Sponges (1872), along with Challenger reports on Deep-Sea Medusae (1881), Siphonophora (1888), Deep-Sea Keratosa (1889) Radiolaria (1887). His skills as an artist can perhaps best be seen in Kunstformen der Natur – Art forms of Nature (1904), containing many plates detailing various marine animals. He coined several words used today such as, phylum, phylogeny, ecology, benthos, and nekton.

Haeckel described innumerable aquatic taxa and is honoured in the names of a family, 3 genera, along with a number of species under haeckeli, haeckelii, or haeckeliana.