This Day in History: 1851-02-13

George Brown Goode was born on this day. He was a US ichthyologist who had studied under Agassiz and later worked with Spencer Baird as his assistant. He became assistant secretary of the Smithsonian Institution in charge of the United States National Museum, effectively running both the fish research program of the U.S. Fish Commission and the Smithsonian Institution from 1873 to 1887, and was United States Commissioner for Fish and Fisheries (1887 – 1888). Notable works include The Fisheries and Fishing Industries of United States 7 volumes (1884 – 1887), American Fishes (1888), and (with Tarleton H. Bean) Oceanic Ichthyology (1895).

Goode is honoured in the names of a family, subfamily, and genus of fishes, along with 11 species under goodei and a further 3 species under goodenbeani or goodebeanorum.