This Day in History: 2007-01-21

Rare Frilled shark filmed on this day. A Japanese fisherman found a 1.6m long female alive at the surface, it was taken to nearby Awashima Marine Park, Shizuoka, but died after a few hours. A seldom seen deep-water species (120 – 1280 m) first observed in its natural habitat at around 870m in 2004 by the Johnson Sea Link II.

Chlamydoselachus anguineus, the Frilled Shark.
Chlamydoselachus – Greek, Chlamydo-, chlamydos, cloak, mantle; -selachos, the cartilaginous or elasmobranch fishes, sharks and rays.
anguineus – Latin, of serpents, snaky; eel-like (post-classical).

Common name alludes to its six pairs of “frilly” gill slits where the first gill slit is joined under their jaws forming a sort of collar.